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Clean Teeth In 30 Seconds

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Why Quibi?

Bass Cleaning method 

Our QuibiKids brush is designed to implement the Bass brushing method. This method reaches the difficult and often overlooked areas behind the teeth. A 2018 systemic review and analysis of various brushing techniques found that the modified Bass technique was the most effective in reducing plaque and gingivitis than the horizontal method. With Quibi we make this process as simple as pressing a button!

360 Degree Cleaning 

With the push of a button 1,708 individual silicone bristles activate at once in an omnidirectional brushing motion ensuring an efficient brush.


The 360 degree clean guarantees cleaning of bacteria from all corners of the mouth in less than 30 seconds, giving your child a 100% clean mouthwash everytime!

What We Found

The Statistics: 

  ✓  3-5 year olds only brush 25% of the surface of their teeth 

  ✓  8-14 year olds brush just 50% of the surface of their teeth

  ✓  34.2% of kids aged 3-15 only brush once a day 

The QuibiKids Brush is designed to eliminate all bacteria in JUST 30 seconds!

Providing kids a fun & effective smart toothbrush that will have them wanting to brush their teeth day and night! 

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